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Savings-Bonds-Alert: Cashing Series HH Savings Bonds, 2nd Try

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Cashing Series HH Savings Bonds, 2nd Try

In your June 28 post, Cashing Series HH Savings Bonds, you say that local banks will forward Series HH bonds to the Federal Reserve. However, my credit union won't provide this service. Now what do I do? Tom's response When a financial institution is reluctant to get involved in cashing Series H and Series HH bonds, print out a copy of the Treasury's Direct Depost Sign Up Form, also known as Public Debt Form 5396. Check the Redemption Payment box at the top of the form and fill out the section requesting your name and address. Take the form to your financial institution and have them help you fill in the bank routing section. Then ask them to certify your signature on the back of the bonds. Send the form and the certified bonds by registered mail to the Federal Reserve Bank that services your area. To find out which one this is, enter your postal zip code in the form on this page.


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