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Savings-Bonds-Alert: A minor when?

Monday, July 19, 2004

A minor when?

On your page about How to recover lost Savings Bonds, you include a link to the claim form for lost Savings Bonds. Question four of that form asks about minors named on the bonds. My father was in the Army in 1968-69 and had money taken from his military pay to buy and mail back to me $25.00 Savings Bonds. The bonds were registered with him as owner, POD to me, which makes me the beneficiary. I was a minor at the time but now I am 34 years old. My father died in 2002. Since I'm not a minor anymore, but was a minor when he bought them, how do I answer the question about minors? Tom's response That part of the form is used when someone named on the bond is a minor now, so you can leave it blank. Also, feel free to enclose a note with the form giving additional details, such as your father's being in the Army when he purchased the bonds. Also enclose a copy of his death certificate and your phone number in case they want to call you for additional information. Click here to visit the premier independent web site for Government Saving Bond owners.


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