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Savings-Bonds-Alert: August 1993 EE bond specifics

Friday, November 19, 2004

August 1993 EE bond specifics

I own a $1,000.00 EE savings bond issued in August 1993. I thought it would be worth the full $1,000.00 after 10 years. I can't find much information about savings bonds online. The little I could find on it makes it seem as if this bond may never be worth $1,000.00 but it will be worth $500.00 plus any interest. Is that how it works? Tom's response Not all Savings Bonds are the same. At various times they have been issued under different rules. The August 1993 EE savings bond is guaranteed to double in value in 18 years. Right now it's worth $823. So it's guaranteed to be worth $1,000 by August 2011, although it could reach that value before then, depending on the prevailing level of interest rates. It will continue to pay interest for 30 years - until August 2023. Right now it's earning 2.75%; in February it will begin to earn 3.06%. The interest rate it earns is tied to market rates and changes every six months. If you want to cash it, do so in early February or early August to get the best return.


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