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Savings-Bonds-Alert: Savings Bond advice

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Savings Bond advice

We have series EE savings bonds dating back to 1983. Are they still drawing interest? If so, what is the rate and how often is interest paid? What advice do you have for these bonds? Can they just be left to continue earning interest as they are or what do you suggest to get the most benefit from them? Tom's response Bonds issued in 1983 will earn interest until 2013. Whether you should keep them or cash them is a complex question - it depends on what other assets and liabilities you have, what your investment strategy is, and so. You might consider consulting a competent fee-based financial advisor (avoid advisors who don't charge fees - they get paid by earning commissions on products that may not be best for you). Savings Bonds are an excellent choice for the low risk portion of an investment portfolio. Most advisors recommend socking away at least 6 months worth of income in low-risk investments. There are tables in my book, Savings Bond Alert, that will tell you what your bonds are worth and how often they earn interest. Both depend on the exact issue date. Click here for more information on finding out the value of savings bonds.


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