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Savings-Bonds-Alert: Redeeming Series H/HH Savings Bonds

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Redeeming Series H/HH Savings Bonds

I inherited some HH Bonds about three years ago. I receive interest every six months which would be this month and in June. I want to cash at least one of them in. Do I do it now? My bank will not cash it, so how do I proceed? Tom's response Yes, if you receive interest in January, now is the right time to redeem to avoid a hidden-interest rate penalty. Our site has a page on Redeeming H/HH bonds The page includes a link to a Direct Deposit Sign Up Form that you can print out. You will still have to take the HH bond to your bank to have them certify your signature on the back. Then you send the bond in yourself with the form and the Treasury will deposit the proceeds in your bank account. There'a also a link on the page that will give you the address of where to send the form.


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