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Savings-Bonds-Alert: Talk radio: A fountain of misinformation

Monday, February 14, 2005

Talk radio: A fountain of misinformation

My brother-in-law just walked in and said that the following is all over the radio: If you own Savings Bonds, the state is taking the money away from you. What is he talking about? I checked several news web sites and couldn't find anything about a U.S. Savings Bond issue. Do you have any idea what he is referring to? Tom's response I'm stunned how this topic is playing out on talk radio. I think the good guys are the state attorney generals who are suing the Treasury. They want Savings Bonds that have stopped earning interest but have never been redeemed turned over to state unclaimed property departments so that the owners can be identified. The Treasury doesn't try to contact these people, instead it just silently keeps their money. If you have any idea why so many people are against this, please leave a commment by clicking on "comments" below. And Happy Valentine's Day....


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