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Savings-Bonds-Alert: Savings Bonds and Qualified Tuition Plans (QTPs)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Savings Bonds and Qualified Tuition Plans (QTPs)

I have a financial institution insisting that Savings Bonds can be "rolled over" into a Qualified Tuition Plan with no tax consequences. They say the Adjusted Gross Income limitations for excluding bond interest when used for educational purposes do not apply, however, they can't seem to show me anything in writing on this. Is there any authority for this position? Tom's response I suspect the financial professional you're dealing with is just mixed up. There are advantages to redeeming Savings Bonds and putting the money in a Qualified Tuition Plan, but getting out of the income limitation isn't one of them. The limitation you get out of is related to receiving more from cashing the bonds (including principal) than you spend on eligible education expenses. Basically, no matter how much you put in a QTP, it's all "eligible." My book discusses the advantages of moving bond money into a QTP. This works particularly well for people who currently have an income low enough to escape the income limitations but won't when their kids are in college. Here's my web page on the Savings Bond education deduction.


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