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Savings-Bonds-Alert: Saving Bond investments double

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Saving Bond investments double

The current 6.73% rate on Series I bonds has created so much new interest in Savings Bonds that the rate of new investments has more than doubled. In December, new investments in Savings Bonds were $1.24 billion - an annual rate of $14.8 billion, compared to fiscal year (Oct-Sep) 2005's $6.3 billion in investments. Investments in both Series EE and Series I bonds have jumped. However, the share of new Savings Bond money that I bonds are receiving is very high. In December, 80.6% of new investments were in I bonds. This is down from November's 87.1%, which was the highest share of Savings Bond investments that I bonds have ever had. November's total investments in Savings Bonds were even higher than December's - an annual rate of $16.1 billion. Savings Bond Alert readers have access to an online graph showing monthly Savings Bond investments. Check your Book Notes for the link.


Blogger jackson said...

I just got the Chase Sapphire card — the first card I’ve applied for in 6 years or so. The 10,000 bonus points made it stand out, although the 17.9% interest rate is far beyond the interest rates on my other cards — 6.49% and 10.9% — and by far the highest rate I’ve ever had.

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